Planning for results

To get almost anything done effectively in business you need a plan, whether it's strategic, operational or project based. We have a flexible approach including both short interactive workshops and long-term structured planning processes. We adapt to your needs beacuse its not about the plan, it's about what happens as a result.


Finding profitable opportunities

You know a lot about your customers. So why is it so tough to respond to the challenges they bring, or to find new profitable opportunities for them and for you? Using proven techniques we'll help you get insights from the information you already have to generate new ideas for growth. Sometimes it only takes one good idea.


Involving people

Employees and business partners will be critical to your success.  If they’re not fully on board with the business plan, then you risk losing momentum.  Our approach includes diagnostics and specific action-based plans to identify the capabilities, behaviours and communication needed for everyone to succeed. 


In an ever-changing world, our goal is to help you and your business succeed


What do you want your business to look like 3 years from now?


What is changing for your customers and the markets they serve?


How will you implement your strategy?


What projects need to be started and supported to deliver results?

> Which business partners will you choose to help make it happen?

At the different place we can help you answer these and other important questions, create an action-based business plan and work with your people to deliver the results effectively.

Our clients use us to help plan, innovate and engage their business and  project teams in highly participative workshops and meetings.  We will help you take your business to a different place. 

Initial consultations by phone or face to face are free.  Call Richard to discuss the possibilities on 07836 502654 or email


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